Windy Day

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I rIpped this phrase off from the HBO show 'The WIre" where the drug kingpin's lieutenant suggest they kill Omar, the dude who's been ripping them off. The kingpin says "Man, tryin' to kill Omar would be like sweepin' leaves on a windy day." A perfect title for the futility I was feeling at the time.


Windy Day

Just when i got my arms around it,
I lost my grip and let it fall
Just when I thought I’d finally found it
I found it wasn’t what i wanted after all
I thought I had it so together
Watched it all blow away
Seems a man can spend forever
Sweeping leaves on a windy day

You know I try to keep my chin up
I try to look on the brighter side
Go out and buy another trinket
Like another trinket might satisfy
I thought i held you close enough
But i let you slip away
Trying to keep a hold on love
Is sweeping leaves on a windy day.

I watch the world going crazy
Watch it spinning out of control
Watch my friends trying to change things
Well, trying to change things can take it’s toll.
Man, we fought that revolution,
Maybe these chains are here to stay
Left me broken, disillusioned
Sweeping leaves
sweeping leaves on a windy day

c Phillip Rosenberg


from Rabbit Holes, released August 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Rags & Bones Joshua Tree, California

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